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Kama has been on a long journey to find simplicity in combining life and business. Now living an Almost Stress Free Life, Kama is sharing her new found wisdom with you. Do you want to play?

Live the Almost Stress Free Live that you have been craving.

Why almost stress free? Because being completely stress free would mean trying to live a perfect life … and well, that sounds a bit stressful.

Kama offers the ‘Almost Stress Free’ club for the entrepreneur on a personal journey, the Slow Down Project Day and, Coaching & Art Therapy.

Slow Down Blue


Gather your personal and/or business friends to attend a Slow Down day. Contact me to arrange a date (UK based). Design a Slow Down Day to suit your needs. Host the day and you attend for free.
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Start with the “What You Really Want’ session
Continue on your ‘Almost Stress Free’ intertwined entrepreneur and personal journey. More … 





Almost Green


The ‘Almost Stress Free Club’ is your space to move towards an Almost Stress Free entrepreneur life. Join the club and get access to books, online workshops, tips and knowledge from a range of experts.
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