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I invite you to join me in discovering what it takes to live an ‘Almost Stress Free’ life … Discover the healing power of bringing more play and fun in to your daily life.

Join the Slow Down & Play Tribe and meet others who also wish to have less stress, and more fun and play in their lives.


Slow Down & Play Workshops


Slow Down and Play Workshops. Messy Madness Days, Slow Down Days, Play Days, Down and Dirty, Creative Connection Days, Giant Doodle Fun and so much more More …



Coaching - Slow Down


Are you longing for a bit more fun and play in your life?
Does the mind chatter sometimes drive you mad?
Do you struggle to find time just for you?
Then the 3 or 5 month programmes are for you.
 More …


Art Therapy


Art Therapy Sessions
Initiatic Art Therapy is an experience, an awakening of inner perception, stress relief and so much more.
The journey is difficult to express in words, the experience says it all. More … 



Playful Inner Child - Mini Activity Book

This mini activity book is a fun, and simple beginning journey to connecting with your playful inner child.