Almost Stress FreeKama Profile
Kama is passionate about not taking life so seriously.

Discovering ways to be ‘Almost Stress Free’ and having fun in business and in her daily life, Kama is sharing her wisdom with you along the way. Do you want to play?

Why ‘Almost Stress Free?’ Because being completely stress free would mean trying to live a perfect life … and well, that sounds a bit stressful.


Wild Oat


Do you find yourself wishing life was a bit more fun?
Do you feel like you are missing opportunities?
Does the mind chatter drive you mad?
Do you have lots of ideas but can’t seem to focus on any?
Do you struggle to find time for you?
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Almost Green


The ‘Almost Stress Free Club’ – Enjoy your life and your business. Your space to bring more relaxation and play in to your life. Join the club and get access to books, online workshops, tips and knowledge from a range of experts.
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Slow Down Blue


Gather your personal and/or business friends to attend a Slow Down day. Contact me to arrange a date (UK based). Design a Slow Down Day to suit your needs. Host the day and you attend for free.

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