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Ageing makes so many different things happen to our bodies. Some we know how to deal with, but many other things we don’t have a clue.

By Liz See- Get Threaded/ The Eyebrow Experts


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I get asked all the time, what do I do when I discover a grey eyebrow hair? Well help is at hand, don’t despair.

If you would like to age gracefully (let it all go ala natural ), when those first few eyebrow hairs start popping through you can pluck them right back out. Yes out!  But ONLY if your eyebrows are dense and you will not notice the missing hair or two. Be very careful, separate the eyebrow hair with your tweezers and only pluck the hair that you want gone. Then keep removing just those ones again or any wiry strong ones that may come through.

It may bring you comfort to know that some people will only ever get a few gray hairs in their eyebrow, but if this is not you there is a limit to how many odd gray hairs you can pluck out. Know your own limit….one to three hair plucks will usually be okay depending on the thickness of your eyebrow but that is it.

If you would like to age gracefully, have plucked a few but are not ready to let the others show through, there is a special eyebrow dye that can be applied to the brows. Eyebrow gray hair can be very resistant so sometimes it is not possible to ensure 100% coverage of the hair.

Another super alternative is to use a specially designed brow product to mask and camouflage that gray hair away. We use our specially designed range of mineral brow makeup Get Mineraled to apply a brow dust to the eyebrow. Many of our clients, including us, call it the magic dust as it seamlessly blends and helps define the brows in a healthy and natural way.

Applied with a small brush every day to the brows, you will be amazed when those greys seem to blend right in and you can age gracefully and naturally. 

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